Day 22 & 23

I got my exercise mojo back, woot! I woke up early and had some lemon in hot water, and followed it up with about 1/2 hr of yoga – I’ll post the YouTube links later as I’m out and about atm.


Day 21 – Warm sweet potato salad

Today was a great day food-wise. Breakfast (a late one, after my 9am interview) was a small portion of leftover red lentil soup. Lunch was 2 poached eggs on 1 piece of wholemeal toast, with parsley and paprika added at the end. I adore eggs (free range of course!) and love that moment when the gooey centre…

Weigh In

Well, this is sort of an interim weigh in… I needed to get my details to my friend asap, which means I’ve done the measurements post-interview (and post-drinks and a hearty lentil breakfast).

Day 20 – tofu salad

Today has been a much healthier day! I did a really tough workout (guessing about 20-30 mins) from Women’s Health – mostly focusing on arm strength, but also core and butt. I’m very flexible but am woefully week so am making a concerted effort to build strength!

My missing week

I’ve been so slack this past week! I’ve had so many job interviews (seems every job you go for these days has three interviews – one with a recruitment firm and two with the company – am very over talking myself up!) and have lost my health and blogging focus a bit.