Day 1 Wrap Up – Lentils & Rice and Watercress & Carrot Spaghetti

So at the end of my first day of this health kick, I think I’m doing  pretty well!

My meals have been healthy, I went for a walk, I didn’t snack (shock!) and I’ve had my second night without any alcohol. A glass – or two, or four – of red wine in the evening has become a daily habit for me, something that helps me relax after my day but also is outside of the safe drinking / healthy level, and is most definitely contributing to my excess weight! Tonight I had some chamomile tea when I felt bored / like a wine would be nice… yay!

Money is very tight at the moment (being freshly unemployed is awful!) so earlier this week I visited a fantastic Indian wholesaler, All India Foods, and stocked up on legumes and spices – I know I can make a few ingredients stretch a looooong way without compromising on health or taste. Thank goodness I’m a vegetarian! Check out my stash (for about $35, and it will last me months):

Spices & Legumes

Leftover lentils

Lunch was leftovers of the brown lentil dhal I made last night with a 50:50 mix of brown and white rice – I’ve made a million variations of this dhal and will post a recipe sometime soon! It’s cheap, healthy and super tasty. The main spices were coriander powder, garam masala, chilli and tumeric. I mix the brown and white rice together so that I get the nutritional benefits of the brown, but it stays soft enough that my husband will eat it!

I went for a lovely walk with my beloved (and sadly under exercised – but that’s going to change!) labrador right on dusk, so I was able to watch the sunset over the bay. If only I had a camera that could capture the beautiful sight of the winter sunset reflected in the dips and pools in the mud flats!  The walk had a double purpose… I got some exercise, as did Griffin, plus I distracted myself at the precise time that I normally pour a glass of red. Here’s a photo of Griffin (handsome boy!):


After our walk I tackled a recipe – Angel Hair Pasta with Watercress – I’d pinned on Pinterest (check out the recipe and link on my food board at, via, originally from Delicious mag, with moderate success. I’d been itching to try the sumac I’d bought and had all the other ingredients except for watercress – the recipe is actually very economical and easy… and sumac is an absolute superstar! I plan on using it on everything from now on!

When I make the recipe it again I’ll use less spaghetti, more carrot (I’d already doubled it) and at least double the amount of watercress (and would add it at the very last minute). I already upped the lemon and sumac components and that worked well. Overall it was tasty – tangy, light, quick and easy to make and something  a bit different to the norm. I know it’s pasta and therefore carb-heavy, but there was no creamy sauce (no sauce at all!) and no cheese, so there was very little fat, and I made sure we kept to healthy portion sizes.

Magazine photo

My photo looks very different to the one in the magazine though!!! For some reason their one is greener, despite me adding more veggies and less pasta than the recipe specified… hmmmm!

My photo

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