Hello world!

Hi everyone!

I have decided it’s time to make a more concerted effort to be healthy (thanks Olympics… and the depressing sight of my love handles!) and to put into practice all that I’ve learned as a Health Sciences (Nutritional Medicine) student. I’m hoping that making my diary public and sharing my progress with you will keep me honest!

I plan on posting my stats each week – weight and circumferences, eeep! – as well as recipes I think others may like. I’ll include some nutritional info as well – might as well use that hard-earned knowledge!

A little about me:

I’m 27, live in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) and celebrate my 6th wedding anniversary to a truly wonderful man next month.

I’m the very proud mum to a 6 year old black labrador, Griffin (expect to see a few photos posted in the coming months!). We would love to have kids but that will be a little harder for us than most couples, and is therefore quite a few years off.

I’ve been studying for my nutrition degree part time for a few years now, and hope to graduate S2/13 or S1/14. I’ve worked throughout my degree and have found the juggling act – study, work, health, home life, managing finances, family and friends – to be difficult at times!

I have just lost my job (sob!) as one of the many thousands of public servants laid off following the change of state government in Queensland. I’m applying for jobs left, right and centre and am terrified of how we’re going to make ends meet until I find a new one (hello, mortgage, rates, electricity…), so part of my health kick is going to involve finding meals that do triple duty – healthy, tasty and cheap!

Enough about me for now 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. School, work, home life is a tough combination! It is a jugging act for sure! I hope you do find a new job soon, but you may find that you can live okay without one. I, too am recently unemployed, but have found with careful budgeting and managing expenses, we can do without me having one for a bit so that I can focus on my health and losing weight. I definitely want to hear more about what you have learned so that I can apply it to me. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for the well wishes! My husband isn’t working at the moment either so unfortunately I will have to find another job soon… once he gets sorted though the temptation is definitely there for me to go part time! I’m sure that if you manage the feat of budgeting on one income you have some considerable knowledge you can share as well 🙂

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