My first weigh in!

OK, this is making me a bit nervous, but here we go:

  • Height: 174cm (I think that’s 5ft 8.5″?)
  • Weight: 71.6kg / 157.85 pounds
  • Boobs: 95cm / 37.4″ (note to self: wear red bra each time!)
  • Waist: 83cm / 32.7″
  • Belly: 99cm / 39″ (I know it’s not the traditional measurement, but it’s where I hold all my weight!)
  • Hips: 100cm / 39.3″
  • Body Mass Index: 23.6

I’m glad that’s over with for the week… my goal weight is about 62kg, so I have approximately 10kg to lose. I’ll reassess my goals  at the midpoint to make sure they’re realistic / healthy / desirable. My weight at our wedding in 2006 was 57kg, but I was only 21 and I want to keep some of the curves I’ve gained since then!

More than reaching any arbitrary weight though, I want to feel more at ease in my own skin, want my jeans to fit well, want to feel fit and healthy and light. I am not overweight by any means, but have a definite jelly belly and love handles – I can look good in wrap dresses, a-line dresses, tight pants with loose blouses, etc., but I would like my wardrobe to no longer be restricted to flattering cuts!

My start this morning was: 3 tsp liquid chlorophyll (tastes a bit strange and stains everything but alkalising and purportedly detoxifying) followed by lemon in hot water. A little while later I had some vegemite (great source of b vitamins and a bit of protein) on wholegrain toast (complex carbs, fibre, a bit of protein and some minerals) and skipped the margarine.


Swisse Chlorophyll (see what I mean about staining!)

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