Day 2 – On and off the wagon


I’ve had a busy few days, considering my current (un)employment status… I’ve really tried to embrace this healthier lifestyle and apart from one major slip up I think I’m doing pretty well.

Off topic, I picked up my new Samsung Galaxy III yesterday and I’m in love!!! So beautiful! So clear and crisp! The camera! I don’t even feel guilty for ‘cheating’ on my trusty iPhone 4! (My plan had run out and the switch to new phone was free – I’m not splurging on luxury items while crying poor ;)).

Day 2 Journal – Thursday

I knew we’d be celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday that night, so I tried to make the rest of the day as healthy as possible to compensate. My mother-in-law is an insanely good cook, and always goes out of her way to make me vegetarian food – it’s very thoughtful, but usually means I eat way too much. We normally have quite a few drinks when we get together so I knew it would be a test of my willpower.

Breakfast: chlorophyll and then porridge with skim milk and two tsp of milo on top. I was given a box of those individual-serving sachets, which made me realise my idea of portion control was WAY out! The milo is actually pretty nutritional – yes, there’s a little sugar and fat, but it’s fortified with iron, calcium, B-vitamins and protein – all nutrients that I can struggle to get enough of as a semi-vegetarian.

Hubby + Griff at the start

Exercise: I was super-excited to find that my skipping rope had been delivered, but after a great 10 minute workout (it’s seriously hard work, especially for someone as coordination-challenged as me!) the handles broke and couldn’t be repaired. Serves me right for buying a $2.50 one from eBay… I’ll have to get a proper one this weekend.

I knew my evening walk would be scrapped, so convinced hubby to join us on a midday stroll. We ended up checking out (after living here for 3 years…) a bushland walking track that is only 5 minutes drive from my house and it was a revelation! We are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Our ‘stroll’ ended up taking about an hour and a half, and Griffin went from pulling on the lead to dragging his paws for the last leg – he’s obviously a bit unfit too! We had a wonderful time so I’m going to try and take a family walk, experimenting with different tracks, at least 4 times a week. The path ran alongside a creek so Griff even managed a sneaky swim 🙂

Me and Griff – I can’t wait to have a waist (and smaller behind!) again!

Paperbark trees

Lunch: A piece of wholemeal toast with most of a 185g tin of tuna, some rocket and spinach leaves, and a sprinkling of sumac and chilli flakes. Tasty!

Dinner: I was very proud of myself for resisting most of the nibblies – I had a small handful of cashews and soy crisps, and only two small slices of Brie cheese on crackers (especially as the huge Brie wheel was right in front of me and stayed there for a half hour while everyone digged in… yay for willpower!).

Dinner itself was a skewer of 4 small bbqed prawns, a big salad, a portobello / field mushroom with cheese, sun dried tomato and olives on top (so far, doing okay)… and potato bake… and a piece of buttery toasted rosemary bread… ahhh…. soooo full! At least the majority of it was nice and healthy…. the last two were heavy on the carbs and the fat though!

Party: Here’s the bit where I fall off the wagon! Despite wanting to stop drinking alcohol, I fell into the trap of social drinking with remarkably little resistance! I had 4 tins of light beer (not too bad, over a few hours) but hubby had gotten a wee bit “enthusiastic” and decided to pour me some wine, despite my protestations – 3 times! I can’t blame him though, because I could have just sat on that first glass for the rest of the night instead of drinking it and then drinking the next two! I was pretty disappointed with myself when I woke up this morning because I am very serious about cutting drastically back on my alcohol intake, but I told myself I’d just have to ‘suck it up’ and start afresh today!

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