Day 4 – Workout Trainer

I had another mixed day yesterday… I skipped breakfast (bad!) and then didn’t get around to making dinner (even worse!) but at least I managed to get some exercise done. I really, really don’t advocate skipping meals and rarely do it – I woke up starving this morning!

Breakfast – a cup of instant coffee at home, followed by a bought skinny cap at the hardware store (we had a bunch of errands to run and I wasn’t organised enough to make breakfast first). Not the best!

Tuna and salad leaves on toast

Lunch – I had my wholegrain toast, salad leaves, tuna, sumac and chilli flakes combo again and it was delish. I normally go way over with my portion sizes, and pre-health kick would have made two… I was glad to see I was perfectly full after just one!

Snack – a raw carrot while watching the football. My husband kept offering me slices of cheese (my weakness!) but I managed to resist, woot!

Dinner – I started making a cous-cous salad but got distracted by some personal stuff, doh!

Exercise – I downloaded the “Workout Trainer” free app on my new phone and tried 2 workouts – they were great! I did a 4 min teaser in the morning (squats HURT!) and then a 9 min one in the afternoon after 5 mins of skipping (with my new rope from Amart All Sports). I’m going to slowly build my way up to doing 1/2 hour sessions. I woke up sore today, so will wait until tomorrow to have another crack at it.

Alcohol – I’m sorry to say I slipped up again. We have a weekly ritual of having beers (usually 6+ beers each) while watching AFL, which we both love. All 3 of my teams played yesterday – first the Gold Coast Suns (team #2) vs GWS Giants (team #3) followed by the Brisbane Lions (team #1) vs Geelong. Hubby was enjoying many brews and I waited a couple of hours before joining in. I figure that having 3 Guinness is better than what I normally do so am not going to beat myself up too much about it.

My biggest problem, weight and health-wise, is drinking red wine every night (and being the only one in the household to do so) and so a few drinks for social events / particular occasions are ok. I’d prefer to have no booze at all for the next month, and hubby tells me this morning that he’ll join me in doing so, but I have to be realistic and know the Aussie culture and our own traditions (beers + footy!) mean I’ll slip up from time to time.

When I was explaining to my hubby why I kept turning down his offers of beer and cheese (“I don’t want to be fat anymore!”) he sweetly told me “You’re beautiful, it’s just that you have a fat tyre around the middle, and your bum has gotten a bit bigger to help support the weight – kind of like the axle of a car – and that doesn’t matter.” He thought he was being supportive but it wasn’t the nicest thing to hear!!!

I would have been totally crushed if I didn’t know him so well and didn’t realise it was meant earnestly (and said after a few drinks). Thankfully my self esteem is pretty resilient and I can see the funny side! He spent the rest of the night being particularly nice and attentive to make up for it – so he should! 😉

I saw a workout top slogan yesterday that made me laugh – “Bringing sexy back – in a few months”. 🙂

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