Day 5 – Lots of tasty healthy food!

I had a lovely day of healthy food! I didn’t do any exercise but at least I got the diet part right.

Breakfast: Omelette with parsley, paprika and avocado

After not much food yesterday and a couple of beers I wanted a nice hearty breakfast. I made a slight variation on my usual omelette recipe:


2 eggs, whisked (the yolks are full of nutrients!)
A splash of light milk
A big handful of chopped fresh parsley
Salt (iodised) and freshly cracked pepper
A big pinch of paprika (optional)

These ingredients are whisked together and poured into a hot fry pan that’s been sprayed with Canola oil. I stir around the contents so that the ‘runny’ bits get to the bottom of the pan, and leave it until the omelette is nearly set, before flipping half on top of itself and serving.


This time round I added a sprinkling of chilli flakes and three slices of avocado to the top – I’m trying to avoid cheese so avocado is my cheese substitute. Hubby added that half avocado to the plate for the photo – I didn’t eat that as well! He also picked up this bumper crop of eggs – don’t they look wonderful, all lined up? My dog has raw egg with his breakfast this morning, and I eat them all the time, so bulk buying is the way to go 🙂

Lunch: Baked broccoli, carrots, unsalted peanuts and shaved almonds

I do a variation of this so often… just the florets from a head of broccoli, 2 carrots sliced up, a very small handful each of the nuts, some garlic (fresh or dried) and a spray of oil (pre-health kick it would be a nice glug of olive oil!), baked in the oven until the broccoli goes a bit brown bit the veggies are still tender. I throw over some lemon juice or white wine vinegar, and wa-la! I usually use broccoli and brussels sprouts and leave out the nuts… or use beans… whatever takes my fancy.

Dinner: Big salad, BBQ brussels sprouts and BBQ portobello mushroom

Hubby did the barbequeing and I made a huge salad with everything thrown in:


1 cup of cous-cous (cooked via the absorption method –
boiling water, a little liquid stock and some tumeric)
A bag of mixed salad leaves
2 sliced carrots
2 sliced chillis
1/2 avocado
Some thinly sliced fennel
Some cubed low-fat feta
Half a bunch of watercress
A handful of coriander
Homemade dressing (hubby makes the best ones!)

Salad again

Mushroom & Sprouts

Alcohol: None, and I’m pleased to say I didn’t even think of it!

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