Day 7 & 8… So so

I’m feeling a bit “off” – lethargic, down in the dumps, at loose ends. I think it’s because the reality of unemployment is sinking in – the loss of routine, the sleep-ins that are insidiously creeping in to my daily habit, the constant worry about money and overdue bills. I’ve been trying to keep busy with errands, housekeeping, cooking, etc but my motivation is flagging somewhat.

Day 7 – Tues 14th 

Breakfast – woke up out of sorts and didn’t feel like ‘normal’ breakfast. I had 2 carrots in the beetroot dip I made the other day, 2 tsp of milo straight from the tin and some coffee.

Lunch – we were out of the house for most of the day, and when we go home late afternoon I had… original corn chips drizzled in green tabasco sauce. Nutrition fail! The only ‘good’ thing I managed was to put them in a small bowl and therefore had a reasonable portion instead of scarfing the whole bag. The worst part was that we’d just come home from a big veggie shop and I just couldn’t bring myself to cook anything…

Dinner – hubby made a huge salad (spinach, rocket, onion, chili, button mushrooms, capsicum, avocado, carrot, celery, coriander and homemade dressing) and we each had 2 baked fish fillets (the frozen kind – we can’t afford fresh at the moment).


Snack: Metamucil (not much of a snack!) with wheat germ

Exercise: None at all

Alcohol: Also none

Day 8 – 15th Aug

Breakfast: I didn’t feel like a normal breakfast again, so had red lentil soup with sumac. I made a batch after my CC lunch, with the plan of having it in the fridge for ’emergencies’. I used a Simple Sustenance recipe and was really happy with it. It doesn’t taste like my normal lentil recipes – much nuttier – and was really nice. I haven’t bought tahini before, because of the cost, but I realised with this recipe that a small amount can go a long way! I also had chlorophyll and lemon in water.

Lunch: 3 portobello / field mushrooms grilled on the BBQ

Dinner: Erm…. fish and chip from the local takeaway. I just couldn’t bring myself to cook and as hubby has cooked the last two nights I didn’t want to ‘make’ him cook either. I had 2 pieces of dish and a handful of chips… saturated fat and salt alert! I must pull myself together for tomorrow…

Exercise: Finally something good to report! A nice walk with husbot and Griffin through some parklands to a dog park and then back again. Griff was so happy, and the scenery so lovely, that I felt a bit better. I then did the “60 Minute Yin Yoga for the Spine” yoga practice by Esther Ekhart of Ekhart Yoga – a routine I usually do a couple of times a week, so I was overdue. Yin yoga is calming, gentle and meditative so is good for my emotional and mental health right now.

Alcohol: None, though I must say I really felt like some red wine…


Photo from the walk bridge

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

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