Day 9 – Landscaper for the day!

I’ve been really slack with updating this, but knowing I ‘have’ to at some point has kept me (sort of) on the right track.

Day 9 – Thursday

I woke up feeling better, and got a call early on to invite me to a job interview, and another call at midday (woo hoo!). That and the weigh in helped to get me out of my flat funk altogether.

I had a breaky of porridge with milo on top, as well as having the chlorophyll and lemon in hot water when I first got up.

My husband is fixing up my stepfather’s property – it was 5 acres of jungle (mostly weeds!) when he started, and he’s still in the clearing phase but it’s looking sooo lovely! I went out with him for a half day to help… raking, carrying and fetching, climbing up and down the (steep!) hill and stairs, followed around after him as he chainsawed trees and dragged the logs / debris to a pile…. hard work!!! It was a lot of fun though I think I couldn’t do more than a few hours!

His house is on the opposite side of the city to hours – an hour drive – which explains why it’s hilly and almost subtropical, while we’re flat with dry sclerophyll forest and the bay.

Lunch when we got home was leftover red bean soup, and dinner was lemon pepper tofu (I’ll post the recipe one day, I make this pretty often) and steamed veggies – broccoli, zucchini, carrot and peas. Hubby had oven chips and I resisted, yay!

I decided I’d “earned” 2 red wines so bought a bottle and had 3 glasses…

Down by the creek

By the creek again

Hoop pine forest up the back

An idea of the steep slope!

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