My missing week

I’ve been so slack this past week! I’ve had so many job interviews (seems every job you go for these days has three interviews – one with a recruitment firm and two with the company – am very over talking myself up!) and have lost my health and blogging focus a bit.

Food – generally ok, though I missed breakfast on the mornings I had early interviews.

Mushroom Omelette


Lemon tofu

Another salad

I did slip up a few times and get some take away… Indian (doh!) – I got paneer aloo, a spinach based cottage cheese dish that seemed the healthiest of the bunch.

Paneer aloo

We also had a free lunch at Wagamama, a Japanese chain restaurant. I got a kare ramen (“a spicy soup made from lemongrass, coconut milk, shrimp paste, chillies, fresh ginger and galangal, served with ramen noodles. garnished with grilled prawns, beansprouts, cucumber, lime and fresh coriander”) which turned out to be pretty disappointing, and a bit greasy… I ended up leaving a fair bit.

Last night we had a friend’s birthday dinner party, at a pizza place, and I chose a primavera risotto (“broccoli, capsicum, mushrooms, red onion, mixed herbs & grana padano”) as it looked reasonably healthy… and was ok. Other than that, it was all home cooking.

Kare Ramen

Exercise – I did MUCH less exercise than I would have liked to! A walk with Griff, a yoga session and a arm and core strength session from the Women’s Health magazine (was great but I was so sore for two days!) was all I did for the week, apart from the walking around for interviews. A bit disappointing!

Alcohol – Hmmmm… This week I had drinks 3/7 days, which is better than usual but still not what I was aiming for (1/7). I had some red wine on two of those nights, and two light-carb beers at my friend’s party, and didn’t get drunk on any occasion… but aim to do better next week!

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