Day 20 – tofu salad

I’m back on track!

Today has been a much healthier day! I got up early and had a coffee (the hot lemon has kind of dropped by the wayside!) while hubby had a sleep in.

I did a really tough workout (guessing about 20-30 mins) from Women’s Health – mostly focusing on arm strength, but also core and butt. I’m very flexible but am woefully week so am making a concerted effort to build strength! It was kind of fun incorporating the fitball and weights, but very sweaty!

Lunch was red lentil soup with sumac, again from the Simple Sustenance recipe.

Afternoon tea while watching a movie was water crackers, mango chutney and (erm…) blue cheese.

Dinner was a really lazy slap together of what was in the fridge… I’ll call it ‘tofu steaks on a bed of rocket and mushrooms’ to be fancy, lol!


The salad pre-tofu

I plonked 2 big handfuls of rocket, 2 sliced and halved brown field mushrooms, sliced eschallots, a pinch of dried crushed chili and a glug of balsamic vinegar on a plate. I then shallow fried 3 thick slices / 150g of soft tofu (firm would be better) and added a small handful of sesame seeds once the tofu started changing colour. Once done, the tofu topped the salad and I added some more (raw) sesame seeds.


Tofu steaks on a bed of rocket and mushrooms

For such a bang-together meal it was pretty nice! It had lean protein, vitamins, minerals and a small amt of fat so sure beats the pizza I had yesterday!

Snacks were, as usual, a raw carrot and a small handful of nuts (today they were raw, unsalted peanuts).

Alcohol – none, like yesterday.

Headspace – I’m doing OK. I have an interview tomorrow for a job that I REALLY want (so much closer to home than anything else – at least 1hr less commute each day!) so I’m trying not to psych myself out!

Also, I am one of the bridesmaids for one of my best friends in December, and today she announced that she’s found the dresses and needs our measurements… eeeeeep! I skipped last week’s weigh in so will have to do it tomorrow to get the correct measurements… feeling a bit exposed / vulnerable (she and the other bridesmaid are very slim) even though I know that definitely wasn’t her intention!

2 thoughts on “Day 20 – tofu salad

    • I agree! There’s nothing better than a nice piece of tofu, though I can imagine some of my friends and family sniggering at the thought 😉

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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