Sat & Sun… oops…

Well, not much good to report for the weekend!

Saturday was footy day, and I ended up drinking much more than intended (a six pack of beer and bottle of wine… eeeeeep). On the plus side, both of my teams won, with one pulling off a huge upset 🙂 I also ate breakfast and had a really tasty late lunch, but didn’t get around to making dinner…

Lunch – baked veggies with lemon

      • Florets from a head of broccoli
      • A couple of very large portobello mushrooms, quartered
      • Sliced fennel
      • Two carrots, cut very thick
      • Big handful of almond flakes
      • One lemon – juice and zest
      • Coriander powder
      • Cumin powder
      • Dried crushed chili
      • Canola oil spray

The veggies were chopped up, sprayed with oil, tossed with the spices and roasted / baked. About half way through I added half the almond flakes, the lemon zest and some more oil spray. Once the veggies were browned (still tender on the inside), I covered them with the lemon juice and added the rest of the almond flakes. Was a lovely share plate!

Baked veggies with lemon

I woke up feeling a bit seedy on Sunday… 2 cups of coffee, vegemite and cheese on toast and then… cheese pizza for lunch… FAIL!… and porridge for dinner. What a topsy-turvy day!

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