Day 21 – Warm sweet potato salad

Today was a great day food-wise.

Breakfast (a late one, after my 9am interview) was a small portion of leftover red lentil soup.

Lunch was 2 poached eggs on 1 piece of wholemeal toast, with parsley and paprika added at the end. I adore eggs (free range of course!) and love that moment when the gooey centre of poached eggs spills out…ahhhh 🙂


Poached eggs


Poached eggs 2

Afternoon tea (I was hungry today!) was about 3 tbsp of royal quinoa topped with a half tsp of sour cream. If that’s not random enough, I cooked it in my rice cooker (1 cup quinoa, 2 cups water) with a big sprinkling of curry powder. It was an odd craving / taste combo but tasted terrific and I ended up having seconds 🙂 There’s a ton of leftovers as well, yay!



Dinner was a warm salad with baby spinach leaves (most of a bag), a handful of sultanas, a handful of dry-toasted almond flakes, some cubed low-fat feta, 1/2 cup of cous-cous and 2 sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes were cut in thick horizontal slices and halved, nuked for 6 mins and then chucked in the oven with oil spray and a sprinkling of cumin and coriander powder. The dressing was an olive oil and balsamic vinegar combo. Yum! About half was leftover so I’ll have that tomorrow.


Sweet potato salad


Sweet potato salad 2

Exercise didn’t happen again and I really need to do some yoga. It’s windy and cold so I’m struggling to get my walking mojo back, but there’s still plenty I can do inside!

Headspace was pretty good until tonight… I think my interview went well (fingers crossed!) and I was feeling like my usual cheerful self until my hubby brought in the mail as we made dinner. Two big bills (one a disconnection notice for electricity) that we have no way of paying at the moment… I can probably work out a payment plan for them like I have for the rest, but that awful feeling of being overwhelmed / drowning hit me like a ton of bricks 😦

Oh well… hopefully tomorrow I get a call to say that I got the job, hubby will get a start date, and things will start to pick up!

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