Day 22 & 23


I got my exercise mojo back, woot! I woke up early and had some lemon in hot water, and followed it up with about 1/2 hr of yoga – I’ll post the YouTube links later as I’m out and about atm. Breakfast was porridge topped with 3 tsp of milo. Lunch was leftover sweet potato salad. I took my lovely puppy for a walk through the park closest to home, and he resolutely refused to look at the camera! This was the closest I got…



Dinner was just a tin of tuna because I was feeling really sick (took a painkiller that was too strong, doh!) and didn’t feel up to eating anything else.

Headspace was pretty good 🙂

ETA – Here are those links.

“Morning flow by Esther Ekhart” (9 mins)

Esther Ekhart “Yoga Warming Up” (9 mins)

Esther Ekhart “Yoga Twists” (9 mins)

Esther has just launched her own website, so once we’re back on our feet financially I plan to subscribe!


Thursday was a great day! My husband FINALLY got official confirmation that he got the job he’s been waiting on, and a start date…. wooohooo! We’re so relieved that there is light at the end of the tunnel! The start date is a full month away so he’ll have to find some labour hire / temp work until then. No word on my job though, and I think no news is bad news 😦

I woke late and had lemon-water again, followed a while later by a bowl of muesli for lunch. We did a big grocery shop (well, big by our standards – under $100 and from the fruit and veg shop plus Aldi) and have a fridge full of fresh veg again 🙂 Snacks were a couple of raw mushrooms and 2 kiwi fruit (I eat them like an apple, skin included – yum!). Dinner was random… four pieces of baked fish (from frozen – those cheap, crumbed, not entirely healthy ones…) on rocket with balsamic vinegar and a bit of cheddar cheese… not exactly gourmet! I had 2 glasses of red wine to celebrate our good news (first alcohol since the previous Saturday).

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