Check in after a wandering 11 days….

I’ve written a new blog post in my head at least 5 times but just haven’t gotten around to posting it!

Fri through Sunday – party, party, party!

On Friday my husband and I went into the city for a farewell lunch for a former workmate of mine who is moving back to the country. It left me with mixed feelings… happy to see everyone again, but sad that I’d had to leave. Everyone was still in a state of flux – their positions were no longer secure and there was a prevailing sense of fear and uncertainty, which is an awful environment to work in and can induce crippling stress.

I ordered a salad, which was pretty bad (bland with lots of leaves and too much dressing) but at least it was better than the other, deep-fried options! I also had one low-carb beer.

That night we caught up with my Mum and Step-Dad for dinner at our favourite Mexican place, Guzman Y Gomez. It’s fresh, tasty, healthy food and my vegetarian burrito was fantastic! Afterwards we went to the Chocolate Pavilion for after-dinner drinks… Mum got a skinny latte (high five to her for willpower!), hubby got a fancy spiced hot chocolate and I got a skinny chocolate chai latte. It was nice… I don’t actually like chocolate, but I don’t drink coffee at night and had a hankering for a chai! We had a nice long walk around the shops after so all in all it was a healthy day.

Saturday was an early Father’s Day for my Dad, and we had a wonderful day at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. We’re so fortunate to live in a city with this kind of natural beauty.

Griffin with the Brisbane skyline behind him

Brisbane River

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Happy puppy!

Kangaroo Point Cliffs park


I took a broccoli salad (will post the recipe later) and some sliced carrots for snacks to try and up the healthy factor. I also ate a ton of nibbles (chips and dip) and my meal was BBQ snapper with broccoli salad, potato salad and my sister’s excellent green salad. I drank about a six pack of XXXX Gold (mid strength beer) and then some red wine when I got home, so it wasn’t a very healthy day! Some people hogged the BBQ so our lunch ended up being dinner, and we ate a lot of chips in the meantime!

Sunday was our Father’s Day celebration for my Father-in-law, a BBQ lunch at our place and a great day. Nibbles were nuts and turkish bread with balsamic, olive oil and dukkah and lunch was burgers (mine with veggie patties my Mum-in-law kindly made). I had a bottle of white wine during the BBQ, and another bottle and a bit after everyone went home… that’s WAY too much for me and I’m ashamed to say I acted like a d-ck and was horrible to my husband. Thankfully we have a very strong relationship and he was able to laugh it off… though I still spent the next few days trying to make it up to him!

Monday through Friday was a bit blah… I was a bit adrift. We have no money so food was quite repetitive – leftover veggie burgers, steamed veggies, hubby made a bulk lot of spag bog for him… a bit boring really! Most days I slept in and missed breakfast, didn’t do much exercise (other than one or two yoga practices), didn’t walk Griffin… I applied for jobs but otherwise didn’t interact much with the outside world… on the plus side, I had no alcohol and didn’t eat anything particularly “bad”.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at my husband’s parents’ house. Dinner Saturday night was gourmet pizza with red wine (the boys all drank beer) while watching the football finals and celebrating my MIL’s birthday. I didn’t drink too much, yay! Sunday brunch was BBQ eggs and tomato (the others had bacon) with toast and coffee, and dinner once we got home was steamed veggies. Hubby was knackered so I was able to watch all my favourite daggy tv shows while he slept 🙂

Monday came round and I decided that I would be “back on track”. I did a 30 minute standing yoga practice from and made my own veggie juice… an experiment that failed miserably! I had thought my food processor could stand in as a blender, but nope – my ‘juice’ was a mix of chunky veggie pieces and some liquid and it was pretty foul! We did a super cheap grocery shop and have some new fresh veggies and cupboard staples. Lunch was muesli and dinner was a jacket potato (with cheese and sour cream…mmmm) and salad and 3 glasses of red wine.

Today I’m working on getting out of my lethargic state… I got some good news this morning (an interview on Thursday for a job I’d really like) and will keep applying for jobs. I’m about to make some poached eggs and will do another yoga session later, and poor Griff will finally get a walk. I can understand now why my husband slipped into this awful “bler” state after long term unemployment… it’s so easy to do! Moving forward I want to force myself to get back into some sort of routine.

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