Super breakfast smoothie… and sickness

I started yesterday off really well, but by lunch time was incredibly sick and was sent home from work. I had trouble keeping food down, so it kind of derailed my diet and exercise plans!

I loved my smoothie the day before, so just tinkered with it slightly by adding an extra strawberry or two (they’re so cheap at the moment – though very small!) and a tbsp of flaxseeds. It was a fantastic start to the day!

I didn’t buy a coffee and things were going swimmingly until the ‘bug’ hit – possibly my first work acquired sickness, though of course I could have picked it up on the morning train. My work (a hospital) is very pro-active with hand hygiene promotion and I’m constantly using the hand sanitizer they provide, but naturally some things do get passed on… oh well! I was sent home by my lovely boss and spent the rest of the day getting sympathy from my labrador!

I managed to get some lunch down by late afternoon (same salad as the day before, plus some ice cream… my go-to food when I’m feeling sick, unfortunately!) but they didn’t stay ‘down’ for too long… sorry for the over share! By nighttime I was feeling a lot better and chanced some dinner (same dinner as the night before – steamed veg on wholegrain pasta) but that was also a mistake… doh!

I’m happy to report that I woke up feeling nearly 100% better… yay! Am going to leave it a little while before I eat though 😉

I came across this quote on Pinterest and it struck a cord – I’m guilty of having a goal (wish) and just expecting it to happen… I need to put in the hard yards first!

A goal without a plan

I also liked this one… it’s very true!

The time will pass anyway

Both are pinned here:

Have a lovely weekend everyone – Queensland has just started to properly heat up, so I’ m enjoying the hot, sticky weather (knowing that this is ‘nothing’ and it will get a heck of a lot hotter and stickier once summer hits!).

2 thoughts on “Super breakfast smoothie… and sickness

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love the Never give up on a dream… quote! I’m having life-changing surgery in 18 days. You can read about my cerebral palsy story and visit my Fundrazr page here: In preparation, I bought a Vitamix (to help increase my intake of vegetables) and started drinking smoothies made with fruit and kale or spinach, etc. I am also trying the Rockin’ Wellness challenge (three bags).

  2. Hi!
    I’m so sorry for the long delay in replying – I haven’t been on here much lately. Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂
    Your story is so inspiring (and puts my current woes into perspective!). All the very, very best of luck with your surgery.
    And – Vitamix – I dream of getting one when I “grow up”!

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