A week (almost!) in food

I’ve been doing pretty well this last week, keeping up with my smoothies most days and eating really well the rest of the time.

There is definitely some room for improvement – NEED to cut back on alcohol, and need to make time for exercise. I did get all ready for yoga one night, but the website I used crashed and I wasn’t motivated enough to practice without a structured plan / on my own (am a creature of habit, which is why finding a new online instructor wasn’t an option!).

That said, I’m doing ok!

Smoothies I particularly liked:

Lean Green (totally delicious!)
– 1 cos lettuce leaf
– Half to 1 Lebanese cucumber
– 1 kiwi fruit, incl skin
– Juice of 1 lemon
– Big handful of parsley
– Water
I prefer it with just the ingredients above, but sometimes chuck in these extras for added nutrition:
– Optional: chia seeds or flaxseeds
– Optional: coconut oil (abt 1 tsp – 1 tbsp)
– Optional: 1 kale leaf




Crazy smoothie (looks bad but tastes pretty good!):

– 1 carrot
– 1 kale leaf
– 1 cos lettuce leaf
– 1 kiwi fruit
– Parsley
– Tabasco sauce (yep!)
– Handful of flaxseeds
– Tri colour quinoa (random leftovers)
– 1 tsp coconut oil
– Water


I’ve still been rocking my breaky smoothie most mornings (recipe already posted – oats, almond milk, banana, strawberries, etc) and it’s working brilliantly at making my mornings easy and my belly full til lunch!

I make my breakfast smoothie each afternoon and bottle it for the next morning, and make an arvo (green / orange) one while I’m at it. Hubby watches from the sidelines as a “backseat blender” (lol!) and is now having a morning smoothie too, woohoo! He adds sugar and more berries for sweetness, but meh 🙂

In other news I continue to adore salads and have been chomping away on some beauties so far this week…



… as well as two take away slip ups (mini veggie burrito with brown rice – yum!)


(and an indulgent small serve of seafood pasta with “ok” kj content… better than the original plan for cheese pizza!)


Hubby had this shockingly attractive pizza… if only it was veggo!


Happy eating everyone 🙂

4 thoughts on “A week (almost!) in food

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Despite being a pescatarian I tend to have high cholesterol so it’s something I try to keep in mind (especially as I love cheese… mmmmm), and it’s one of the reasons I include cholesterol-lowering oats in the morning smoothies.

      The coconut oil does raise cholesterol levels (both HDL and LDL… the extent to which depends on which research you read) but the flavour is so strong I tend to only add a bit, and only in my green / afternoon ones.

      Happy festive season!

  1. I had to google as I wasn’t quite sure what oatmeal was – turns out it’s what I know as porridge oats – my favourite winter breakfast! I’ve been looking through your photos at your beautiful snowy landscape… seems like the perfect backdrop to warm oatmeal / porridge 🙂

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