Sat 29th – smoothie, salad and pie

I’ve realised that I do much better with my diet / exercise / health when I blog regularly so am going to try and do a short post each day… fingers crossed it will keep me on track!

Yesterday was a nice day… I did a lot of cleaning, uploaded the last of my 2012 photos to Facebook, shopped at the local farm for fruit and veg, went through some new (gifted – lucky me) recipe books… generally had a low key and productive day.

Brunch was a smoothie – 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 green apple and 1 Bowen mango.

Mango smoothie

Afternoon snack was a small tin of salt and vinegar Pringles (oops).

Dinner was a mushroom pie (Fry’s brand – love it) and corn and habanero salad.

The dinner was something new… we have a bumper habanero crop and I googled a bunch of recipes. I ended up going with this one with a few changes – I grilled tinned corn, not fresh (there wasn’t any at the f&v shop), a bit less coriander, and I added rocket and spinach as the finished product just looked like a salsa and had waaaay too much dressing.

Corn salad


It was good to have something different, but I’d make quite a few changes if I were to make it again – less corn (and fresh), much less citrus juice, and the addition of guacamole or maybe some kind of cheese. It wasn’t very balanced – super sweet, super hot, and a bit sour but not in the right proportions. It left me with that awful ‘squeaky’ feeling on my teeth and a bit of a sugar overload. That said, it was rainbow colourful and fun, and there’s no harm in mixing things up once in a while!

I’m not drinking at all at the moment after really overdoing it on Christmas, so there was no booze… unfortunately no exercise either! It was a stinking hot day so that kind of drained away my motivation…

J xo

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