Mon – NYE Food Diary

My New Year’s Eve was pretty low key… I worked and then came home and had drinks with my lovely hubby. We don’t usually go out on NYE and prefer to stay home and have a quiet one.

I felt ok about having some celebratory wines as it’s the midweek / no occasion drinking that I want to cut out.

The last day of the year gave us a beautiful sunset… it turned the back of our (mid-reno) house a beautiful, burnished hue.



Food / Drinks:

Breakfast – Soy cappuccino and a single serve Greek yoghurt with toasted muesli on top

Snacks – A few small handfuls of cashews, almonds and walnuts

Lunch – Subway (6 inch Italian herbs and cheese sub with avocado, all the salads with extra jalapenos and pickles, and honey mustard sauce)

Drinks – A bottle of red wine

Dinner – A hash up pasta (using random leftover pasta, broken spaghetti, etc) with zucchini, whole peppercorns, onion, garlic, feta and cream. The dairy made it quite heavy in saturated fats, and the pasta made it a carb fest, but hubby had wanted to order pizza and this was a better, cheaper option.

Zucchini pasta

Happy New Year!

J xo

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