Tues – NYD Food Diary

A happy new year to all!

I enjoyed a sleep in (til 9am!) and a thoroughly lazy morning. I cleaned the last remnants of Christmas wrapping supplies off our dining table and settled in for a nice long session of surfing the net… catching up on Pinterest, blogs, news and Facebook. I really didn’t feel like eating and instead drank 3 leisurely cups of Earl Grey.

I caught up on 4 episodes of Criminal Intent (a guilty pleasure – I told myself it was just to “clear the Foxtel Planner” but I know better) and so had crime and misdeeds and Saffron Burrow’s beauty playing in the background as I fluffed about. It was wonderful!

Eventually hubby woke, I felt obliged to share the telly (but not give up my dining table – laptop enclave) and I made some breakfast.

Breakfast – mango smoothie (1 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup oats, 1 whole Bowen mango, 1 tsp honey). It was absolutely delicious – one of my favourite smoothies so far. I don’t normally use honey but my friend’s dad is a beekeeper and it was a (scrumptious) gift.

Lunch – hubby had a craving for fish n chips so we negotiated… fish n potato scallops (they use the flat, pre-made kind, not the tasty homemade kind that are bigger and more oily). I had two cod and two scallops… oops! I seem incapable of resisting hot potato chips and will hoover the whole lot, so I’m glad I prevented that!

I spent the late afternoon / evening designing our 2013 calendar using Photo Box and am really happy with the result! Hopefully all the personalised birthday reminders (you can add a photo of the person on their birthday date) will help me be organised with cards / pressies / well wishes this year.

Dinner –  nothing. We were still full from our late lunch.

Snacks – sultanas, a couple of olives, a jolly from a Xmas gift jar.

Alcohol – 1 glass of red wine (we had an open bottle left over from NYE). Pro: I stopped at one glass, something I wouldn’t normally do. Con: I had alcohol on a non-occasion night!

Exercise – a 30 min seated hip opening sequence from Ekhart Yoga. I felt so de-stressed afterwards I went straight to bed and was out like a light! This was a major win as I’ve been battling with low level insomnia lately.

J xo

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