Wed – a mixed bag (and tempeh!)

I’m feeling tired and down in the dumps so apologies if this is grouchy…

Breakfast – Apple smoothie (1 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup oats, 1 large green apple)

Lunch – Subway, same as yesterday but with cheese instead of avocado.

Dinner -We had this really late, one of the reasons I’m so tired (had to stay up and wait for my food to go down). It was a really delicious salad with all the usual culprits – spinach, rocket, cucumber, capsicum, walnuts, feta, olives, red onion and a home made dressing – and was made by my lovely husband. I should mention that we buy reduced fat feta from the deli…

Last night I also tried tempeh for the first time – how have I managed to be meat free for 16 years without trying it?! I’m happy to report that I loved it and will have it regularly from now on! I cooked it in a little oil and soy sauce and it was nutty, creamy and delicious!

Snacks – mixed nuts, a cup of Earl Grey, sultanas, olives, 5 dolmades (rice and spices wrapped in vine and soaked in olive oil and vinegar… yum).

Exercise – 35 min yoga practice that I found really challenging. It was very much “yang” yoga – lots of sun salutations plus boat poses, chair poses, etc. I hadn’t realised how weak my core or thighs were / are! This was Day 1 of a 10 Day Challenge on Ekhart Yoga so hopefully I see some improvement. I also did about 15 min of “yin” yoga to cool me down and open my hips.

Alcohol – here comes the reason for my grouchy mood. I had 3 glasses of red wine (the last of that open bottle) and I’m really disappointed in myself. I had no booze from Boxing Day to NYE and have now had it every day for 3 days. I told myself I “deserved” it after my yoga practice, but that’s bollocks – my body deserved a nice nourishing cup of herbal tea, or a massage, or any other option that was healthful!

Having wine plus a late night (only 11ish but I get up at 5.40) means I’m tired and headachy today and much more likely to buy a coffee today… it’s an unhealthy cycle, particularly for my adrenals!

Oh well… I normally wouldn’t think twice about having 3 glasses of wine, so I need to keep things in perspective. My eating was pretty healthy, I exercised, and I didn’t buy coffee so it was otherwise a good day. I know this but am still ticked off at myself. Hopefully my mood improves!

Today is a new day!

J xo

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