Since I’ve been gone…

It’s been a little while since my last post.

A brief catch up:
1st third

I was eating pretty well and doing yoga every day or every other day. I had some delicious salads (photos to come) and a couple of fantastic smoothies (almond milk, oats, mango, home “grown” honey) but I still struggled on the alcohol front.

While I definitely had days “off” I had just as many “on”, and in retrospect my excuses – hubby is drinking, it’s a hot day, we’re celebrating, I’m stressed, I deserve it – seem pretty lame.

2nd third
My hubby got really, really sick and I took some time off to care for him. Apart from one slip up – pizza – I made us both light, healthy meals. Exercise went out the window but I had more booze-free days than not. When he recovered from the worst of it he made two spectacular meals… I’ll post the recipes later.

Final third
My hubby continues to get better but isn’t completely well yet. I’ve swapped my workday lunch (on days I don’t bring it from home) from Subway to soup and a wholegrain roll and I’m loving it. So far I’ve had Moroccan chickpea, sweet potato, lentil, broccoli and potato – I’m very fortunate to have a staff cafe that makes healthy and cheap ($3) food.

I still haven’t gotten back into exercise and I want to fix that asap. I seem to be drinking about 50% of the week, sometimes more, and I want to reduce that.

My gastro intestinal issue hasn’t gone away and I had my first Naturopathic session last night. It wasn’t quite what I expected (more on that later – I want to finish this post before I get to work!) but I’m happy with the outcome – high strength pre and pro biotics and some digestive herbs. The cost was huge ($275!) but I’m trying to tell myself it was an investment in my health.

We’ve just bought a new car (technically the bank has!) and I’m sooo looking forward to going camping again!

Got to run,

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