It’s been a long while between posts! I’ve had a lot going on and the blog has slipped to the wayside.

There have been a few major changes for me… I had put on quite a lot of weight and about a month ago I decided “enough is enough”. Despite major financial pressure I decided to set aside money for myself and joined a local gym. This was pretty intimidating to start with, but I’m really loving it – I use the treadmill (I still hold on fast – I fell off one years ago and haven’t quite gotten over it!), the recumbant bike and several pin weight machines (which I love, much to my surprise!). I am gradually building up speed on the treadmill (power walking) and hope to start jogging soon.

I also downloaded the absolutely fantastic “My Fitness Pal” app on my Android phone, and have been logging all my food and exercise as well as my progress with weight and measurements. I cannot underestimate what a huge difference this has made – it keeps me accountable, has shown where my trouble areas were (goodbye cafe soy cap, hello instant coffee with soy milk – a difference of 100 calories!), and gives me extra motivation to go to the gym (I love seeing my progress with the weights!). I can see that my alcohol intake really pushes me beyond having a great, healthy day within my calorie goal to blowing out to a calorie intake that maintains or only slightly reduces my weight, and that has been more effective than anything else in curbing my drinking.  On most days I restrict myself to a glass of red wine (or cider, if it’s a hot day) and I’m ok with that progress.

My husband is unemployed again and this is putting enormous pressure on our finances. I want so much to support him but it can be incredibly frustrating (and the political situation at the moment isn’t bolstering my faith in a job market improvement). My in-laws have been away for a few months, and I’ve most definitely enjoyed a break from the constant nit-picking and tension. They’re back now but their trip has mellowed them out (I hope it stays that way!). My mum and family continue to be wonderfully supportive, we just had a lovely family mini-holiday at the beach, and we’re looking forward to having our godson stay with us for a second time this long weekend.

We’ve made some progress with the house (thank goodness!) and a few weekends ago knocked down the completely rotten front deck. We will build and enclose a new one, effectively adding a new room to the house, once we can afford it. My husband has also been hard at work in the yard, and the eyesore of our front yard (at least to our eyes / tastes) has been replaced by a newly edged garden of young native plants, and a lush green lawn. Just sitting on the front steps of an afternoon and looking at it makes me happy :). We may need to sell the house for financial reasons – it’s sad, but at least we’re increasing the value of the house at the moment so have a better chance of untangling ourselves.

Finally, I’ve cut off all my hair and I love it! I’d been thinking about “the chop” for a long while and finally worked up the courage to do it. I love it and nearly everyone (with the exception of my boss, but that’s another story!) has been really complimentary, especially my hubby, which feels great. This was part of me deciding that I work blooming hard and deserve to spend some money on myself – more regular haircuts, gym membership, and the occasional new item of clothing.

Headshot (2)

As of my last weigh in, I’m at 77.6kg. Our scales were ‘dead’ and we didn’t get batteries until after 2 weeks of my new gym and eating plan, so I’m not sure what I was at my heaviest. I lost 1.1kg in a week and am due a new weigh in tomorrow – I can see that my boobs (doh!) and waist look smaller in the mirror so I’m hopeful of a good result.

That’s all from me… wishing everyone good fortune on their own journeys with health!


2 thoughts on “Changes…

    • Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. As time goes on, I find the blog has become more of a confessional and less of an (attempt at) sharing nutritional info! Either way, it helps to have a “brain dump” every now and then. Thanks again!

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