I did my first arm balances!!! Wooooo!!!

As you may have gathered, I’m a bit excited right now! Last night I stayed home instead of going to the gym (my dog’s allergies are playing up and I wanted to be there to give him some TLC) and decided to challenge myself by stepping outside my usual yoga practice.

Don’t get me wrong, I do practice more energetic forms as well as my much-loved yin yoga. It’s just that I’ve dwelled within the “level 1” / “all levels” realm of http://www.ekhartyoga.com and have been perfectly content with the challenges thrown up by (and the calming benefits of) those practices. I’m also a little bit in love (of the respect / awe / appreciation kind, not the internet stalker kind!) with Esther Ekhart as a teacher – she has so many qualities that I aspire to.

Anyway, last night – strangely for a mildly OCD person who has been using this website since it’s inception and who has always only taken Esther’s classes – I was drawn to a different class. Sandra Carson’s detox series caught my eye and I did the 50 minute “Clean + Pure: Liver” class.

If you read my previous post, you might have a fair idea of why a class focusing on the liver was a good idea for me 🙂 It was challenging – fast paced, more “power yoga” with lots of core and upper body work – and a bit harder than normal because I’m so used to Esther’s guidance re: alignment.

Sandra was a great teacher though, and by the end of the practice I’d managed several arm balances as well as repeated boat and plank poses. I felt quite proud of myself (you might be able to tell!) and think I’ll incorporate this practice into my routine at least once a week. I actually finished off with a short, gentle practice with Esther to help chill myself out a bit!

Things are looking up in general and I’m feeling a lot more buoyant than I was when I wrote my last post! I’ve been back to the gym, my diet has been pretty good, my hubby and I had a good heart to heart (and he’s excited about some job apps – fingers crossed!), my booze intake is down and I received some nice feedback from work today. It seems that having this blog space to do a brain dump helped me clear my thoughts and work my way out of my rut… thanks cyberspace!


Photo courtesy of Ekhart Yoga – http://www.ekhartyoga.com/video/clean-pure-liver

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