First world problem… but I’m devastated

I am gutted and am hoping that doing a ‘brain dump’ on this blog will help me process how I’m feeling. That said, I do feel that I need to acknowledge – especially given recent events in the Philippines – that I am aware that worst things could have happened to me. So…


Birthday + beetroot gazpacho

I celebrated my birthday with my immediate family at a beautiful restaurant at Southbank. We ate fresh seafood (and I drank crisp Marlborough sauvignon blanc) by the ‘beach’ and river and with the city skyline in the background, as dusk and then evening encroached – it was a lovely celebration.

Massage and vegetables

A quick update… Massage: this was really helpful, despite not being a “great” massage. I’ve been lucky enough to have two fantastic massage therapists at my local clinic, but it has just changed management. That meant that I wasn’t able to totally relax as I was distracted by wondering what the new therapist was doing,…