Massage and vegetables

A quick update…

Massage: this was really helpful, despite not being a “great” massage. I’ve been lucky enough to have two fantastic massage therapists at my local clinic, but it has just changed management. That meant that I wasn’t able to totally relax as I was distracted by wondering what the new therapist was doing, where she was “going” next,  what was required of me (all the while chastising myself to relax!). She changed site, technique and pressure so often that I found it difficult to fall into the normal rhythm of a massage.

Despite this, I did get some relief and a few unprecedented things occurred. About halfway through I got a blinding headache (not totally unusual) that was accompanied by an intense emotional response and desire to cry. The combination of the two made me want to end the massage but I breathed through it and after a while both sensations subsided. I can only surmise that this was in response to some deep-rooted tension being released? I was receiving firm massage around knots at that point. At another point my ears started crackling / popping – curious rather than painful.

At the end she massaged the front of my neck and that gave enormous relief – I could feel how ropey and tense the muscles were! I just wish she’d spent more time doing that, instead of repeating light “swoosh” type movements on my lower body. That might sound unkind (especially as she seemed like a lovely person) but I’d specifically asked for remedial and upper body only, and was even wearing pants and socks!

Acupuncture: Well, this was a bust! I had been so looking forward to it, but when I arrived I discovered that the practice was run out of a residential home with no signage or separate entrance (the website absolutely did not mention this). I was very uncomfortable and cancelled the appointment. Perhaps I would have felt differently if the practitioner was female, or if I’d had advance warning / the website or receptionist (I’m guessing his partner) had been more transparent.

Food: Better news on this front! I’ve selected a handful of soup recipes and plan on cooking up a big batch on Saturday morning – that way I’ll have some on hand all week to eat when am too tired to cook or can’t handle heavy food. I even managed to do the grocery shopping so everything is ready for a soup-athon. I had steamed veg for lunch and Hubby and I made a scrumptious “salad with the lot” with tempeh on the side for dinner… the injection of fresh veggies did me good 🙂

I just managed to work a full day for the first time all week, woot! I wasn’t exactly 100% but I was feeling better. Now I have two whole guilt-free days of rest and relaxation… bed, here I come!


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