The past week and a half…

Diary entry: no recipes tonight, sorry!

My past week or so has been a bit of a roller coaster! Hubby got a job (so happy!) but my work has been tough (filling in for someone plus doing my own job – I’m going to appreciate her even more upon her return!). The office environment has been toxic and that’s had major repercussions for my personal life.

On a positive note, hubby and I joined my mum, stepdad and brother last Sunday to have brunch (check out my beautiful smoked salmon stack,  courtesy of Plum at Kenmore!) and to check out their renovations… it’s been a huge project and they’ve done a wonderful job! I can’t wait for its final unveiling at Christmas!


Here’s a pic of a delicious apple, spinach and cous-cous salad we made:


This Friday I joined a group of Managers for a Christmas party at a famous restaurant and karaoke joint in Brisbane (Ben’s Vietnamese) and had a brilliant time! Karoake is a boatload of fun for onlookers!

I am proud of myself for accepting the invite (I’m a support officer, not a Manager), for dealing with the extreme noise and people-crush, for keeping my wine drinking to acceptable levels (didn’t embarass myself – woo!) and for accepting a ride home. It just goes to show that I can step out of my comfort zone and love it!

Here’s the sweet (and hilarious!) note I came to very late on Friday:


Not sure what the stains are, or why he didn’t just order his own pizza…

On Saturday evening hubby and I had date night at the local, much-vaulted seafood buffet. The food was rubbish! Oh well, we dressed up, went out and changed our routine 🙂 I even went out sans-makeup (had been left at work), something I wouldn’t normally do. Here’s a photo of me enjoying a pint of cider in the daggy eating area:


Saturday night ended badly… we left early,  after only a few drinks, and realised we were locked out of home (doh!). I volunteered to “break in” but sadly this is more of a challenge now that we’ve demolished the deck! I slipped, cracked my head (it rebounded for a second crack!) and knocked my arms and legs on the hard concrete below. I was sure I was concussed (I was knocked out for a few secs) but hubby was certain I wasn’t,  so off I went to bed.

Sunday morning and early afternoon was spent with me moping and being out of sorts – headache, tiredness, fog, nausea, irritability and extreme “sookiness”. I picked up and did a few hours of gentle yoga and then cooking in the evening and headed to bed early.

Today I went to work but was dizzy and sick. I made it til midday – when I had to leave the meeting I was minuting, not a good look! – and eventually got sent down to our emergency centre. After some truly wonderful care, including a drip that incorporated some blessed anti-nausea meds, and a CT scan, I got sent home to rest. Yep, mild concussion – I should have trusted my gut!

So there it is… a record of a week and a bit, in very uninspired prose, but keeping the week in my (currently wobbly) memories for perpetuity! I have a whopper of a headache still so am off to bed.

On a side note – four sleeps til our camping trip and I can’t wait!

On a second side note – Australia is killing it in the Ashes!

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