Moments of joy

This has been an exceptionally difficult month or two, but every now and then I have moments of pure joy that I want to grab hold of and keep.

Last night I walked home barefoot from the bus (I didn’t care if I looked like a “bogan”, I wanted to feel the grass under my feet!). As I neared my house I could hear Ian Brown being played up loud, and found hubby relaxing in the freshly cleared front yard in a lovely and light mood. Apparently a day of hard work renovating the exterior of the house agreed with him 🙂

I was starving so put together a mash-up snack that was out of this world awesome… fresh snow peas topped with thin slices of blue cheese. A little taste of paradise!

The real joy came though when “Lust for Life” started playing,  full ball, and I started dancing in our kitchen with Griffin for a partner. He wasn’t content to be danced around / to and leapt up so I could hold his front paws and jump around with him. Pure happiness for the duration of a song, and lovely afterburn!

On the train to work this morning, I realised that the evening reminded me of some of my favourite pins…






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