Not so solo after all…

I made it down to the coast a little after 11am yesterday, and after a quick stop at a local bottle-o (white wine + hot and sunny day + beach views = winning combo!) I made my way into the Sheraton Mirage.

I have to say that my jaw literally dropped as I entered the large marble and glass foyer, which overlooks pools upon pools and ocean. Now that I’ve settled in I’ve realised that all except one pool are simply clever uses of space – the water is only about 10cm deep – but the impact is that of infinite blue. I haven’t travelled solo in years, since the days when I went interstate for work,  and I have to say I relished the adventurous feeling!

Once checked in I made the long and winding journey to my room for the weekend. Compact but lovely, it overlooks the (real) pool, sun lounges, palms and ocean. I wasted no time in settling in, opening the windows, opening a travel mag and pouring a glass of white… bliss! More than anything, the silence was heavenly! By this stage I was quite happy to be flying solo.



After some down time and an indulgent spa I headed out and treated myself to lunch, following that up with a leisurely loll in a sun lounge and a walk along the beach and in the surf.



I then received a call from hubby, announcing that he was about to leave to join me. Apparently his dad was ok with him leaving and had made plans to go sailing on Sunday instead… argh! He got here, I gave him the tour, and we relaxed for the rest of the day and had a super early night.



The great thing about beach holidays (for me at least) is that my body clock snaps immediately back into the way nature intended – I get tired at nightfall and wake up with the sun. If only I could manage that at home!

A wonderful footnote to the day was being woken at 9.30pm by the sound of fireworks. A truly magnificent display took place on the beach directly in front of our room (maybe 100m away), presumably for the wedding that was being held at the resort. I experienced child-like wonder at the beauty before me – the display was as rich and long as the ones we enjoy at NYE, but I had a prime-time view from my bed! I’m gobsmacked to think that someone could afford that for a private wedding (!!!) but so privileged to have witnessed it.

A less-awesome sidenote is that it seems my husband’s decision not to join me was based entirely on not wanting to anger his father… highlighting not only issues with their relationship, but massive communication issues within our own. His ability to articulate that would have saved me a lot of hurt and confusion. For his part, my FIL was baffled to find hubby at home and told him to go on holidays! Oh well… live and learn I guess!

Also – my mobile app / wifi situation won’t let me upload photos for some reason,  so I’ll add them when I get home 🙂

Edited 9th March: after much delay, I’ve uploaded the photos!

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