Bean, tofu and veggie stir fry

Wow! So many changes since I last posted! We are now living at my Mum’s place (opposite side of the city), having made a fast evacuation from our house following a pretty awful situation. I won’t describe it online out of respect for everyone involved and the recognition that “internet is forever” but it was…

Cupboard scrounging: spiced TVP

We haven’t been grocery shopping in a while (work during the day + renovations / cleaning at night doesn’t leave a lot of time!) so I’ve been having to get more creative with meals!

Step 2 in my journey has been accomplished!

I made the big step of resigning yesterday… scary but exciting! I love my job, and the people I live with / for, but I felt dishonest preparing myself for a move without letting them know. I’ve given a huge 3.5 months notice, so they’ll have plenty of time to recruit (and I feel reasonably…

Cheap weekday eats: Lentil, quinoa and vegetable stew

This may not be the most attractive of meals, but it tastes good (I promise!), is a one-pot wonder, and is extremely economical to make. Hubby told me it resembled the gruel eaten in The Matrix (I have to laugh at and ‘pay’ a good insult!) but after having a mouthful decided to make himself up a bowl – victory!

Salmon, green beans and corn

A recipe is long overdue! This was an unexpected weekday meal, whipped up by my hubby, to break the monotony of our ‘cheap and cheerful’ meals. It is quite humble but was absolutely delicious!

Mini holiday day 2

It’s taken me a while to write this post! I’ve had so much going on that the blog has fallen to the wayside. The second day down the coast was lovely and low-key. It was an overcast and drizzly day so the beach wasn’t an option, but we had fun anyway. After an early start,…