Mini holiday day 2

It’s taken me a while to write this post! I’ve had so much going on that the blog has fallen to the wayside.

The second day down the coast was lovely and low-key. It was an overcast and drizzly day so the beach wasn’t an option, but we had fun anyway. After an early start, I enjoyed an excellent coffee while we wandered along the harbour and looked at the yachts, then stopped for a really scrumptious breakfast at a cafe that overlooked the water and boats. Props to the Provincial Restaurant for their excellent Toby’s Estate coffee, and Sunset Waterfront Restaurant & Bar for my breakfast.


Check out my mushroom (field + button), rocket, cherry tomato and poached egg stack on sourdough toast:


The rest of the day was spent quite lazily… reading and doing crosswords with my feet propped up against the window ledge in the hotel, while hubby watched the Winter Olympics (on silent!) – it was nice recuperation time, given the frantic pace of normal life!


In the afternoon we wandered back to the mirage and checked out some yachts and cruisers… there are boat / ship brokers that let you wander among them, get on board and check them out up close – it was heaps of fun! I fell in love with a few, but the price tags were extremely hefty!



So, after a less than ideal start, the mini break ended up being wonderful. I wouldn’t normally stay in a resort, and I’ve never checked out boats before, but it was a lovely break from the usual. Climbing through boats and ‘dreaming big’ was good for hubby and I as well.

Peace xo

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