Step 2 in my journey has been accomplished!

I made the big step of resigning yesterday… scary but exciting! I love my job, and the people I live with / for, but I felt dishonest preparing myself for a move without letting them know. I’ve given a huge 3.5 months notice, so they’ll have plenty of time to recruit (and I feel reasonably sure that my house will have sold!).


This has made the move to Far North Queensland feel much more real! The reaction from everyone has been very supportive (my colleagues so far have been sad but understanding). The only real sticking point has been my mum, who is worried sick and failing in her attempts to hide that! I understand she’s just being protective and am hopeful she will come around.

The next steps are: sell the house (sooner rather than later, hopefully!), move in with mum / my younger brother to “just” rent, save money, and prepare, and then start looking for jobs up in FNQ so we can migrate!

Living in Cairns will have a fivefold benefit – renting is much cheaper than Brisbane, so that will reduce a huge stressor for me (I’ve been the sole income earner for the past two or so years). It will mean we can save and build a nest egg so we can try surrogacy when we feel we’re ready (this is what I’m most excited about!). It will separate us geographically from some peope in our family who have a negative impact on our mental health and marriage. Hubby will have a chance to start afresh, employment-wise. He’s already looking into, and excited about,  volunteering opportunities 🙂 And finally… we’ll be living in Cairns! It’s a beautiful part of Australia and it will be an adventure for the two of us – just like our travels overseas,  I hope it will bring us closer.

On a side note, here is our finished front fence – I know how much hard work went into it and couldn’t be happier! The old one was a rotten, falling apart piece of ugliness so this is a huge improvement 🙂



5 thoughts on “Step 2 in my journey has been accomplished!

  1. Oh, good luck. I just left my job of 13 years and the 2 months notice was excruciating. (I can’t imagine 3.5 months!!) But the change was just what I needed. I feel reborn.

  2. Congratulations on your big step in resigning!! 🙂 You are definitely courageous and I’m happy that you finally sold your house (just read the other post). As Aristotle once said, “Change in all things is sweet.” And I’m positive the changes in your lives will be so sweet as you have outlined some benefits already! ^^ Happy Adventures to you and your hubby! Looking forward to reading them. 🙂

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