Day 6: Cucumber salad

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a nice relaxing day, but doesn’t make for much of a blog post! Oh well, in the interests of keeping on track with this detox, here goes:


Day 5: Banana avocado chia smoothie + spiced carrot quinoa

Tuesday was a much better day, nutrition-wise! We were woken early by the real estate, buyer and builder arriving for a building and pest inspection so we had to make ourselves scarce for the next 90 minutes. We ended up going for a drive to the point at Cleveland, and parked to watch the ocean.

Day 4: Detox derailed by Dad!

Well, to be fair, the title of this post isn’t completely correct. Dad played his part, but it was more like a comedy of errors! After another night of insomnia, I woke up to find that hubby had used the last of the banana to make himself a smoothie. He’s totally in love with the banana chia combo but kind of left me in the lurch! Dad and I were meant to catch up for lunch, but he arrived so late that the kitchen was closed…

Day 3: Veggie salad + sleeping!

Sunday was a pretty lazy, low-key day. I woke up feeling incredibly sick (I own that it was just a cold, and I was being a sook!) after a night of insomnia so stayed in bed for much of the morning. I eventually gave in to hubby’s cajoling and had some cold and flu tablets……

Day 1: Juice and veggies

This post is a little delayed, sorry. Day 1 and the morning of day 2 were awesome, and then I came down with the cold that’s been threatening for weeks.. so was feeling way too sooky and grumpy to post last night! I’m pretty sure it’s the fact that I finished up work for a…

Detox time!

So… for my next 10 days, I’m going on a gentle detox to try and reboot my habits and get back into a more healthful way of life. I’ll be following a set of self-imposed guidelines, but am not going to beat myself up if I slip up.