Detox time!

We’re back home again (the stresses of living in a small house with three other people and our big dog were a bit too much!) and have been for a few weeks. Since then, work on the house has stopped (a good thing) and… it’s sold!!! It’s such an enormous relief. The contract was signed last weekend, so I’m just holding my breath until the ‘unconditional’ and ‘conditional’ opt-outs are over, and then I can really rejoice! Here in Aust – not sure how it is in the rest of the world – the buyer has 5 working days to cancel the contract, and another 10 after that to cancel it based on the building and pest inspection / not getting finance. Our buyer has finance already, so we just have to hope they don’t change their mind! I have the next ten days off due to an awesome combo of 3 public holidays over two weekends and my boss letting me take the three days off in the middle. This feels like perfect timing for me… I haven’t been handling my stress lately (selling the house + resigning my job + preparing to move thousands of kilometres away + supporting hubby + issues with in-laws + mum being worried and needing a lot of reassurance + work stress + marriage strains) and have been treating my body pretty poorly. That means late nights / insufficient sleep, drinking waaaay too much (at least a bottle of red wine every night), two coffees to get me going of a morning, too much takeaway food, late night raiding of the fridge, relying too much on anxiety medication, taking pain medication for my headaches, not exercising, etc., etc. These are not habits that I would like to continue! On the plus side, I’ve really surged ahead with the book I’ve been thinking about writing… it’s finally getting out of my head and into the computer! I’m at about 20,000 words so far, so a long way off, but at least I’ve started. So… for my next 10 days, I’m going on a gentle detox to try and reboot my habits and get back into a more healthful way of life. I’ll be following a set of self-imposed guidelines, but am not going to beat myself up if I slip up. Embracing:

  • Water, water, water!
  • Lemon in hot water to start each day
  • As many lovely veggies as possible – a rainbow of colours
  • Some fruit (something I rarely eat)
  • Tempeh, and to a lesser extent tofu
  • Chia seeds and quinoa
  • “Juices” (in the blender – so including all the fibre – making them technically smoothies)
  • Herbal teas
  • Alkaline foods
  • A daily gentle yoga practice, and or/ a daily walk
  • More time in nature
  • Dry body brushing (few times a week)
  • Epsom salts food baths (few times a week)


  • All alcohol (I know this will be hard)
  • Coffee
  • Medications, as far as is sensible
  • Pasta, rice, noodles and bread
  • Dairy (this will also be hard!)
  • Eggs
  • Processed foods
  • Anything from a tin
  • Other acidic foods
  • Makeup, unless I’m going out somewhere fancy


  • Organic spirulina (an algae ‘super food’ that is jam packed with antioxidants and also some protein, vitamins and essential fatty acids)
  • Liver Detox – globe artichoke, St Mary’s thistle and turmeric (they give the liver a hand and aid detoxification by supporting the processes of eliminating toxins, improving digestion and regulating metabolism)
  • Vitamin B1 – many alcohol abusers are deficient in this vitamin, so I’m taking a short course (couple of weeks) of it, just in case.
  • If I can afford it, I’ll buy a high-strength pro-biotic next pay day (to help support my gut / restore the proper flora).

* I normally don’t take supplements and think we should try and get our nutrients from our diet, but from time to time it can be handy to get a helping hand.


  • Stop my alcohol usage – I know from previous experience that it’s a matter of stopping the habit
  • Clearer skin
  • More energy and better sleep patterns
  • Feeling “cleaner” and “lighter” (both hard to quantify!)
  • Feeling better about myself
  • I’ve put on a lot of weight lately (I’d estimate 5kg to 10kg – two people recently offered me their seats on the bus, and I realised later that they must have thought I was/am pregnant!) so some weight loss would be wonderful!

At the end of next week, I’d love to be able to treat myself with a detoxifying organic facial from Ella Bache, an eyebrow wax and a haircut – bliss, for a combined total of less than $200! Hopefully I’ll be able to manage our finances well enough 🙂 I’ll be posting everyday to keep myself honest. Wish me luck! PS – I was given a beautiful bunch of tulips… aren’t they nice?! Tulips


One thought on “Detox time!

  1. I love your honesty and sharing with us your goals, and gentle detox! Everything looks amazing, so I wish you all the best and lots of luck in achieving them!! 🙂 Can you please explain the benefits of dry body brushing and epsom salts foot bath?? Thank you. ^^ Here’s a suggestion from me, why not embrace legumes and beans too? They are very nutritious and healthy. 🙂

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