Day 2: Banana chia smoothie + cucumber juice + veggies

Day 2 kicked off to an awesome start with a banana-chia smoothie that was delicious. I’m going to try and have one of these each morning. It helped me get closer to my calorie goal (1200) but I was still 200 under… need to keep chomping away on veggies to get that up!

Breakfast: Lemon in hot water with a sprinkling of paprika, followed by a banana and chia smoothie

  • 2 small cavendish bananas, frozen
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup soy milk (I plan to use almond milk moving forward – I just hadn’t bought it by this stage)

Freezing the bananas means the smoothie is lovely and creamy… kind of like a banana milkshake 🙂


Lunch: Sushi and green juice 

We went out shopping around midday, so I got caught out hungry and with limited food options. I think our local shopping centre has the most unhealthy food court in Queensland! I settled on a single avocado sushi roll and resisted the lure of soy sauce (first time ever!) as I’m trying to limit my salt intake.

When we got home I blended up a super tasty light green smoothie:


Dinner: Steamed and baked veggies

Dinner was pretty much the same as the night before, but without the Brussels sprouts or carrots, and with 1/2 baked onion and 100g organic, non-flavoured tempeh (dry-fried) for a hit of protein.


Snacks: A plumb and some mung beans.

Alcohol: None (win!).

Exercise: A wonderful 60 minute yin and restorative yoga practice that I can’t recommend enough – thank you Esther Ekhart / Ekhart Yoga!

Medications, supps and makeup: No meds, no makeup, and all my supps (second day in a row). It feels weird going out in public without makeup, but I’m sure my skin appreciates the break!

Symptoms: By Saturday night I was feeling sick… runny nose, hot and cold, sooky mood, etc. I had a cold or virus 😦 Talk about bad timing! I had some vitamin C, some Vicks nose spray (does that count as a medication? Probably…) and went to bed early. On the plus side, my headache (which I had put down to caffeine withdrawal) was gone.


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