Day 3: Veggie salad + sleeping!

Sunday was a pretty lazy, low-key day. I woke up feeling incredibly sick (I own that it was just a cold, and I was being a sook!) after a night of insomnia so stayed in bed for much of the morning. I eventually gave in to hubby’s cajoling and had some cold and flu tablets… and felt much better.

Unfortunately, I “fell of the wagon” with alcohol as well as medication – hubby slept through the day, I was really hot and bored, and I had some of the beers that were in the fridge 😦 I also had a little bit of cheese… doh! I finally cracked my calorie intake (well, went 150 cal over) but it wasn’t through nutrition – it was the beer!

Breakfast: Lemon in hot water (I’ve been converted to having a full lemon, not half) plus a banana-chia smoothie. I exchanged soy milk for almond milk and am really happy with the result.

Lunch: Thrown together veggie salad (291 cal):

  • 3 Brussels sprouts
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 radish
  • 1/4 avocado (good fats + other tasty nutritional awesomeness… vit K, vit E, folate, vit C, fibre, potassium, antioxidants, etc.)
  • 100g Nutrisoy organic tempeh (non-flavoured)


I baked the sprouts, carrot and tempeh with no oil, and once they were nice and warm I served them with fresh radish and avocado. It was a somewhat unconventional combo but satisfying nonetheless! I’m conscious of trying to squeeze in some extra protein where I can, which is why the tempeh made an appearance. For those who are uninitiated, tempeh is a whole soy product created by a natural fermentation process.

Dinner: None – I got really tired and went to bed at 6.30pm!

Snacks: 2 plumbs, a tsp of crushed garlic (for my cold), 2 button mushrooms and… 1 tbsp shredded parmesan cheese.

Alcohol: A six pack of ‘light’ beer during the day. I was pretty disappointed with myself about this one!

Exercise: The lovely 60 minute restorative / yin yoga session from Ekhart Yoga again.

Medications, supps and makeup: Cold and flu tablets, all my supps, and no makeup. I think this is possibly a record (the longest time I’ve gone without makeup!). Even when we go camping I wear tinted moisturiser because of the SPF.

Symptoms: I woke up tired, congested, runny nose, headachy – pretty much just cold symptoms. I also noticed a breakout on my face, my back (what the?!) and my… prepare for TMI… butt! I’m putting this down to detox! Thankfully I’ve booked in a facial for Thursday!


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