Day 4: Detox derailed by Dad!

Well, to be fair, the title of this post isn’t completely correct. Dad played his part, but it was more like a comedy of errors! After another night of insomnia (due this time to the cold and flu tablets from the day, rather than being congested… a bit of a lose-lose there!), I woke up to find that hubby had used the last of the banana to make himself a smoothie. He’s totally in love with the banana chia combo but kind of left me in the lurch! Dad and I were meant to catch up for lunch, so I organised to go to a local place that does a delicious fresh salad with prawns, but he arrived so late that the kitchen was closed…

Breakfast: Lemon in hot water… and a plumb…

Lunch: Small chai latte. Yep, coffee… I actually ordered a chai tea (as in, tea brewed with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, etc.) with no milk, but the girl serving us was new and totally stuffed up our order. Dad ordered a latte, and got something else, so maybe she combined our two orders? Who knows… anyway, I felt a bit sorry for her and didn’t want to make a fuss so drank my coffee.

At this particular cafe (like most in Queensland), a ‘chai latte’ is a normal latte with added ‘chai syrup’ – so I got a full fat dairy milk latte with sugary syrup. I haven’t drunk that much full cream milk in years (the most I’ll have of low fat dairy milk is a little bit in a cup of tea at someone’s house if I don’t want to be rude / at work if I’m desperate) and it was pretty yuck.

The cafe closed before Dad could order his second coffee, and he wanted to stretch out our visit, so I agreed to go to the pub with him (the only other option open along the stretch of shops near our house on Easter Monday). I had a red wine and literally a full 500ml bottle of water to wash it down – I should have said no, but Dad really didn’t get the concept of detoxing (thus the offer of the pub… following repeated offers of more coffee…) and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by continuing to refuse. We had a good time but I had an inkling for the first time what it must be like for my Mum at pubs (she doesn’t drink at all).

Seeing as I still hadn’t managed to eat anything substantial, I was feeling really sick, and after Dad dropped me off and we said our goodbyes I was physically sick – red wine and coffee on an empty stomach is a bad combo!

Dinner: Pad thai with prawns. I got my prawns in the end… they just weren’t as healthy as intended! I had planned on making quinoa with carrot and sweet potato but realised I was missing a few ingredients – that will be tomorrow night’s dinner instead!

Alcohol: 1 glass of red wine, most of which didn’t ‘stay down’ (sorry for the TMI again!).

Medications, supps and makeup: Cold and flu tablets, all sups and no makeup.

Exercise: None, other than a brief walk with Dad.

Symptoms: Apart from having a cold, nothing new (except, you know, being sick after the pub).

Do the best


One thought on “Day 4: Detox derailed by Dad!

  1. Love your quote and how your dad played his part in your “comedy of errors”! hehe I like how you went with the flow and spend some quality time with your dad. 🙂 It’s okay to have a cheat day sometimes! ^^

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