Day 3: Veggie salad + sleeping!

Sunday was a pretty lazy, low-key day. I woke up feeling incredibly sick (I own that it was just a cold, and I was being a sook!) after a night of insomnia so stayed in bed for much of the morning. I eventually gave in to hubby’s cajoling and had some cold and flu tablets……

Day 2: Banana chia smoothie + cucumber juice + veggies

Day 2 kicked off to an awesome start with a banana-chia smoothie that was delicious. I’m going to try and have one of these each morning. It helped me get closer to my calorie goal (1200) but I was still 200 under… need to keep chomping away on veggies to get that up!

Day 1: Juice and veggies

This post is a little delayed, sorry. Day 1 and the morning of day 2 were awesome, and then I came down with the cold that’s been threatening for weeks.. so was feeling way too sooky and grumpy to post last night! I’m pretty sure it’s the fact that I finished up work for a…

Bean, tofu and veggie stir fry

Wow! So many changes since I last posted! We are now living at my Mum’s place (opposite side of the city), having made a fast evacuation from our house following a pretty awful situation. I won’t describe it online out of respect for everyone involved and the recognition that “internet is forever” but it was…

Cheap weekday eats: Lentil, quinoa and vegetable stew

This may not be the most attractive of meals, but it tastes good (I promise!), is a one-pot wonder, and is extremely economical to make. Hubby told me it resembled the gruel eaten in The Matrix (I have to laugh at and ‘pay’ a good insult!) but after having a mouthful decided to make himself up a bowl – victory!