Day 6: Cucumber salad

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a nice relaxing day, but doesn’t make for much of a blog post! Oh well, in the interests of keeping on track with this detox, here goes:


Day 5: Banana avocado chia smoothie + spiced carrot quinoa

Tuesday was a much better day, nutrition-wise! We were woken early by the real estate, buyer and builder arriving for a building and pest inspection so we had to make ourselves scarce for the next 90 minutes. We ended up going for a drive to the point at Cleveland, and parked to watch the ocean.

Mon – NYE Food Diary

My New Year’s Eve was pretty low key… I worked and then came home and had drinks with my lovely hubby. We don’t usually go out on NYE and prefer to stay home and have a quiet one. I felt ok about having some celebratory wines as it’s the midweek / no occasion drinking that…